Favourite Places

This page contains a list of some of my favourite websites and places to buy things or find inspiration.  Mostly baking related although there are a few random extras just to keep things unpredictable.

Pimp That Snack
I have yet to make anything from this incredible website where everyday snacks are transformed into megaliths, but I really hope to rectify that soon and when I do you can guarantee I'll be blogging about it.  A friend was so impressed with this site that she was inspired to make the giant Creme Egg and then gave this to us as a wedding present.  I really, really like this friend!

Lindy's Cakes
I'm a huge fan of Lindy Smith and the incredible cakes and biscuits that she creates.  Using traditional ingredients and modern imagination Lindy has a unique style that is right up my street.  My first attempts working with fondant were by following instructions and ideas from her book, The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible.  She has a really accessible approach and if you're interested in sugarcraft I strongly suggest you invest in one of her books.

Redbournbury Watermill
My husband is a talented breadmaker so I am regularly supplied with new loaves and rolls to try as he adds to his portfolio.  It's a hard life.  All of our bread flour comes from this beautiful watermill and the quality is absolutely wonderful.  It's also worth visiting for a look around if you are ever in the area.

Although this is the American site and only delivers to the USA and Canada it's still a great place to see all Wilton products in one place, then you can source your choices locally.  Wilton produce really high quality and unusual baking products including a Sponge Bob Square Pants cake tin which I own.  For some reason I've never actually made a cake with it, this must be rectified!  (I do own and have used other Wilton things before you wonder why I'm recommending them if I haven't used them.)

Cakes, Cookies and Crafts Shop
I love this site for the huge range of cupcake cases, chocolate moulds and decorations.  Be warned though you could easily lose a lot of time and a lot of money once you start exploring and dreaming of amazing baking.

Ella's Cupcakes
For my hen do one of my bridesmaids got me some cakes from this amazing mother and daughter team in Hampshire and they were some of the best cakes I've ever tasted.  In addition they looked completely fabulous.  Take a look through the gallery and personalised sets pages to get an idea of the incredible creations that they have come up with and get ready to order some.  The hardest part will be choosing what flavour, so many wonderful options.

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