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One of my favourite pastimes is reading recipe books and dreaming of creating amazing dishes myself, usually of a sweet variety.  I love baking and really enjoy having a go at new recipes and making things for friends.

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I'm a normal person with a pretty small kitchen and I don't have a huge number of specialised gadgets at my disposal.  I just think some desserts are like little works of art and I love them and want to create them myself.  It's all very well looking at the elaborate creations that really talented chefs and bakers come up with but can you and I hope to achieve anything even remotely resembling the picture in the book?  Well sometimes, actually yes.

Most of the time I make simple fairy cakes, cookies, brownies or a chocolate fudge cake using the same recipe I've been utilising since I first baked nearly 30 years ago.  Every now and again I give something quite challenging a go with varying results and it was a comment that a friend made about some toffee adorned cakes that I made that inspired this blog.  Emily said she had never seen anything so impressive made in a normal person's kitchen.  The cakes had actually not been a great success but they still looked good, even if not like the original.

This blog shows some of my attempts.  Like I said, I'm no expert.  I'll include things I've learned along the way but the really technical stuff I don't pretend to know and I'll leave to the experts.

I hope you enjoy this blog and love to hear your comments and experiences.

Amy x

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