Friday, 8 August 2014

Sewing Blog Land - Part 1

gutermann sewing thread

Now that my life involves spending several hours a week on train journeys I have endeavoured to find useful and interesting ways to pass the time.  The tablet I bought a year ago as a treat to myself has proved to be one of my best purchases ever and something I would sorely miss should it not be available.  BBC iPlayer has become a very good friend and given my new found love of sewing (and the fact that it's not exactly straightforward to sew on a train) I've also launched myself wholeheartedly into the world of reading sewing blogs.

There must be gazillions of new blogs springing up on a daily basis but way before sewing became so fashionable again (fashionable, get it? Ha, I amuse myself at least) there was already a strong community of people out there making gorgeous garments and blogging about it.  There are plenty of established and hugely informative blogs to read and believe me when I say I have been reading A LOT of them.

It doesn't seem to matter what you're struggling with or want to learn about SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will have written a blog post telling you how.  Oh, and probably linking to about 10 other lovely sewing blogs also explaining it, but in a slightly different way.  You know, in case that way is more your thing.  It seems to be such a lovely community and I am absolutely loving dipping my toe into it.

floral satin fabric

As a total beginner to sewing who hasn't been on a course at all, these blogs have provided an absolute ton of useful information.  I may have only made two finished garments so far but frankly I think that's bloody good because I can, and do, wear them both.  Without getting arrested for indecent exposure.  They have been through the washing machine and survived as garments as opposed to the mangled mess of fabric and thread I expected, they have allowed me to learn a heap of new skills which I can use again and again, and they have empowered me to think about my wardrobe in a whole new way.

As I've mentioned before I'll be changing things up a bit around here and you can expect to see a lot more sewing based posts from me.  Effectively if I make it, there's a chance I'll blog about it, be it cake, clothes, greetings cards, Christmas decorations, papercut art, whatever.

What about you?  What do you make outside of your normal blogosphere?

fat quarter collection

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